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Important advice

Important advice

Find a workers union that works for you!

All trade unions must be officially registered and certified.

This web page provides vital information for anyone looking for a workers union to represent them for work insurance and security. The problem is that people aren't always aware of how to find a legitimate trade union; this can ultimately lead investing in something that doesn't represent or help them very much at all.

Below are some basic steps to make sure you get the professional help you deserve.

Workers Union Check

Workers Union Check

All official trade unions will be listed on the government body check list; if they aren't listed here then they aren't an official workers union. It's likely that they are a profit driven business which will result in you getting little to no help at all, this is also an illegal practice. Click the button below and begin your check!


What do they do?

What do they do?

A trade union will promise you representation, but they may not send you the most skilled or experienced workers union representative.

You could end up with someone from your own work force and not an outside specialist. In some cases, officially registered unions and Labour Party governing bodies will cut corners; they often funnel money saved on skilled workers they should have provided into other 3rd party projects.

Ensure the representation states clearly what they will be providing!

Absolute certainty

Absolute certainty

Signing up to a workers union is essentially a tax deductible insurance policy for employed workers, so try and find the best offer possible.

Some trade unions offer better value for money than others. Once you’ve found a pool of official workers unions that you like the sound of, try to see which offers the best value for money by weighing up what the trade union offers, and how much they charge for membership.

It is always encouraged to email or phone call them first to get such information. If they are responsive then it’s a good indication that they’ll be responsive to any other requirements.

Official Workers Union Advice

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